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September 26, 2011



June 25, 2011

Just thought I’d share this with you, I saw this in my site stats yesterday:

Search engine terms are stuff that people wrote into a search engine(ex. Google) which lead them to my blog.

HAHA but seriously, who wrote festivalfuck into Google? xD And why did it bring them here?! Must be the Mars festival post. 🙂

New hairstyle

June 24, 2011

<–I got a much-needed haircut this morning. Yayyyy

Reasons I made this post (in descending order by importance):

-My pageviews have suddenly skyrocketed(46 today) and I want to keep the popularity

I promised to post more often during the holidays

-HOLY SHIT! It’s been a week already?!

-To show off my awesome shirt

-I got a new hairstyle.

Well if any of you are bothered to read the post beyond that last bit, I have to link you to a song. I just have to. I’m obligated by common sense and humanity!!

Listen to the intro. Listen to the fucking drums!! Dom’s a fucking genius

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorrryyyy I’m fangasming over Muse on this blog but where else can I take it? None of my friends like them and everyone on the Muse forum knows all the songs already- so bear with me! I can’t help it! If you don’t like this songs you need to:

A) get your ears checked

B) get your speakers fixed

C) get the video to work

D) there are no more options. There isn’t an alternative to loving that song. There just isn’t.

But if you decide to defy common sense and DISLIKE that song, listen to this one:


That is all. Thank you for baring with my obsession.


June 17, 2011

Heeeeh Poo cat is a pwoper wockstar.

The guitar was supposed to be Matt Bellamy’s Glitterati Manson but I couldn’t find a small enough glitter brush for Gimp. FUUUUUUUUU

AH YES since summer is here feel free to nag nag nag as much as you’d like if I don’t update my blog! I need to be artistic during the holidays so I will post regularly, and f I don’t, remind me, annoy me, knock yourself out!


June 15, 2011

(Wait a second, it’s an animation, it will load)

School ended today!


Anyway I’m not one of the people who will rush to the beach with all of their friends. I hate all beaches within my walking distance, they’re crowded and I’m guaranteed to run into some assholes from school. So I’ll rather wait until my mom’s break begins and we can drive to nicer beaches further away from… people.

I want to spend this summer mostly drawing, painting, playing the guitar and synthesizer and doing other creative stuff. I have a To-do list. I might post it sometime in the future.

Have a happy summer! 🙂 (unless your holidays didn’t begin yet. Tee-hee!)

Mars festival FUCK YEAH!!!

June 11, 2011


Yesterday was Mars Festival in Zagreb, headlined by the one and only 30 seconds to mars!!!!

Despite the crappy organization, management and stupid security people, overall, BEST NIGHT OF MY FUCKING LIFE!!!!! Gawd!!!!

I wanted to film the show, but my fucking cell phone’s battery died EXACTLY when they were about to start. This was all I could film(The giant triad symbol on stage and the very beginning):


Oh well. It’s a shame I won’t have a video or any pictures of the show, but instead of holding my phone up I got to jump, scream and do whatever else Jared tells me to.



It was so amazing just SEEING them there, and knowing that that’s JARED fucking LETO, SHANNON fucking LETO and TOMO fucking MILIČEVIĆ less than 100 feet away from me… Seeing them + Hearing them + singing, jumping, clapping + Jared’s talking + Tomo’s Croatian + The stage lights, monitors and the huge triad = Best night ever!!! What I loved about Jared is that he was interacting with the crowd so much, we sang roughly one third of all the songs… 😀 at one point, the crowd sang three lines of “Hurricane” and Jared said “That was beautiful…” GOD I got goosebumps! :’D

I bet he says that to all the crowds… xD Actually the crowd was pretty sucky. It was full of assholes and sluts who just want to see Jared and don’t even know half the lyrics… The real Echelon got pushed around… those horny teenage girls were so annoying, the Echelon have a connection with the band they’ll never understand. All they were thinking about is how hot Jared is (Not that I’m denying it! Gawd)… But I don’t care. Jared and Tomo said we were amazing. At one point Jared got most of the people to kneel down (for no apparent reason).. it was about 1000 people, that’s how awesome he is!


Best moments:

-Jared saying “Kraljevi i kraljica” (bad Croatian pronunciation of Kings and queens), that was just precious

-‘Hvala’, or as he spells it ‘Hvallah’ (thank you) he said it like, ten times

-Tomo’s short speech in Croatian (he doesn’t talk much, so yeah… it was cute :))

-Constant complaints about mosquitos… Jared said he’s seen less in Louisiana. (probably the reason the club’s called Močvara (Swamp))

-“Ok, you crazy sweaty people”

-The moment Jared took his shades off and the crowd screamed like hell because of his pretty eyes 🙂

-Calling the crowd’s singing beautiful… :’)

-Calling the Echelon “the real fans” -way to put the sluts in their place! 😀

-Stupid crowd chanting stuff in Croatian… and not understanding English but cheering at anything he says anyway

-Three songs in, Jared turns his back to the crowd and just stands there for like a minute and then randomly starts bouncing around. 😀

-Compliments to the people up in the trees at the end of the show xD…. those guys were awesome, that’s what I would’ve done if I didn’t get in.

-There were about 50 people on the stage in the end, Jared randomly pulls a girl towards him and hugs her, and they sing together… so cute!! Lucky lucky girl :))))

-GIANT BALLOONS! Hell YES! I didn’t touch any though… 😦

-I bought a shirt! Yayyy for me 😀 new favorite shirt


OH YES RIGHT I have to thank my sister for taking me because I wouldn’t have been able to go to another city alone… she spent the five hours playing Sudoku on her cell and texting her boyfriend. She got a box of chocolates in return. She doesn’t want too much appreciation, apparently. I hugged her. She wasn’t pleased.

Yes, it was five hours because there were three other bands before 30stm, but they were boring.

My only complaint is that they didn’t play ‘From yesterday’. Well, I can live without it! 😀


that is all.

₪ ø ιιι ·o.


Teh dino dance

June 4, 2011


I can’t think of any Poo Cat comics (or any comics for that matter) so you’ll have to settle for little animations for now.

What is that I see? Yes, that’s right!

There’s a sh*tload of 30 seconds to Mars fan-spam on the horizon!! 😀