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Awesome comics

September 24, 2010

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, I’m making a long comic. Until then, here are a few animations. Each one is for a different webcomic I like. Click on each to go to it.

EDIT: I don’t know what’s wrong with the first animation. It’s not moving. You can see it here though.

1.-Nedroid Picture Diary: The running bird is called Reginald. Nedroid follows the adventures of Beartato- a bear-potato hybrid who may only exist in Reginald’s head- and Reginald, a bird with mental problems and two or less friends. It may sound weird, but believe me….. it is. The first time I visited the site I almost fell off my chair laughing.

2.-Cat Rackham: As the author explains it, “Cat Rackham lives in the wilderness but he isn’t very good at it”. He is a very funny-looking cat who merely tries to live his life day by day but obviously makes it interesting enough to make a webcomic of it. Cat Rackham comics may be a bit gross, sometimes scary, but most of all hilarious and adorable. Sadly the author hasn’t updated the site in.. how long has it been?

3.-Everyday Cute: This comic is very cute, maybe even too cute(and girly). The style looks a bit like Poo cat, especially EC’s Pusheen, but if you think about it the only really similar thing is the cat’s face and color. The comics aren’t always funny, but sometimes they can really make me LOL!

4.-Almost Pets: It may not always be funny, but still I like the style. The animation was supposed to make Monty say “Almost pets” but the mouth didn’t turn out so good. It’s hard to animate speech when the character doesn’t have teeth. :I

5.-Buttersafe: A comic about stickpeople which once made my stomach ache from laughing. Buttersafe has a sense of humor that’s just my thing. It may not be an artistic wonder, but when the author wants to draw well he/she really can!

6.-Johnny Wander: A comic I only recently discovered, but which is about 90 times more popular than Poo Cat, and I love it! I adore the style. It’s flawless, simple but still a joy to look at. They are also hilarious! Well, most of them are. Yuko and Ananth are also really good artists, and there are occasionally sketches or random drawings which I envy so much. The comics are autobiographies and fiction. The autobios are funny anecdotes from everyday life, which, in their case is very interesting and fun(at least the comics make it seem that way). The fiction is also a feast for the eyes, and really creative. All in all JW has become one of my favorite webcomics.

7.-Humon comics: A comic very popular on Deviantart. I thought it was irritating at first, but then I started liking it. Now I visit the site. Most of the comics are about states. Yes, personified states(Mostly Nordic). They can be perverted, but they can also be real funny. There are others than just the ones about states and my favorite is ‘Love and tentacles’.

That’s it until the next comic. Please be patient!

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  1. September 25, 2010 2:21 am

    hey sunny i want to see how you draw in real life…. do you have a camera or anything to upload it?

  2. September 25, 2010 2:22 am

    hey umm hi ummmm i want to se how you draw in real life canyou upload one?

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