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Bieber hair >:(

December 4, 2010

So yeah, haven’t been posting lately. Surprise, surprise.

About the comic: I overdid it a little.. ok a lot. There aren’t THAT many Bieber-haired guys in my school (thank god) and there are only two in my class. But if I did it that way it wouldn’t be funny.

A lot of people tell me the other hairstyles with huge shiny bangs don’t qualify as Bieber hair. Like the ones that are trim at the sides, or a bit curly, or a bit too long..

All the same crap to me.

Since Bieber came along, all the guys hate him, but all the guys have his damn hairstyle. All of the sudden it’s become cool for guys to use haircare products and take little pocket combs with them everywhere they go. Not to mention the constant head-swooshing to get the bangs to go to one side.

I have nothing against Justin Bieber himself. He just looks like crap, has an abnormally irritating high-pitched voice and songs that make me wanna puke out my spleen. Again, he looks like crap. And when he starts to contaminate the rest with his crappy style, it gets got damn PERSONAL!

Ok, the hairstyle does look good on some people. I have to admit that. But I know guys who looked just fine until they grew that shiny roadkill on their foreheads.

Well enough about that. Anyway I drew a few more things but I won’t post them all at once so that I have something to post in the future. So remember that I will be updating soon!

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  1. Kate 4444 permalink
    December 5, 2010 6:33 pm

    Bieber had an hearcut…….now it is not a bieberica anymore :P………and that hearcut isn ‘t so baddd 😀

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